KOZEE TOES is an organization established for the purpose of providing socks to those in need.  After becoming aware of the needs of the homeless population were beyond food and shelter I tried to find a simple need overlooked yet needing to be met.  Realizing my own love for putting on a new pair of comfy cozy socks I decided that it was quite possibly an esential need overlooked.  I made the decision to walk around in the winter months without socks and found that socks really do make a difference in simple comfort.  I began buying socks and passing them out to homeless men and women I observed on the streets.  Soon family, friends, church members and co-workers came to the aide as well.  In speaking with a neighbor who is a school teacher she made me aware of the need school age children had for socks so I have recently added socks for kids as part of the mission.  A simple thing as a pair of socks can surely make the difference for someone who has none.  I hope you will consider donating socks so you too can make a difference for someone.

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